Get them to listen to you

A well voiced and spoken performance results in attentive listeners, appreciation and credibility. Spoken with the conviction of chest tones or just from a gut level, your authentic performance provides you with the appreciation you are due.

With me you will learn to implement your voice and language for yourself so that you can adapt your performance to any situation or circumstances – since, how one speaks is at least as important as what one is saying.

“One may hear where you come from, however, one may also hear that you did not linger there!”
(Ingrid Amon)

You would like to have control over your accent and implement it in a specific situation or context? That is, speaking high or standard German when required but not disclaiming your own origin? With goal oriented training this is not a problem. Our voice is a strong instrument – if you know how to implement it towards a goal. It is also much more than a mere means of communication, at least it should be. Looking at the etymological root of the word personality/person which stems from the Latin “per sonare”, with its translation “what sounds/rings through”, it soon becomes clear that one’s own voice does much more than one generally thinks.

Self-assured and poised performance, confident and effective presentation before a small or even a large audience or simply feeling comfortable with ones own voice. I can impart all of these things to you with fun and enjoyment and of course with well-founded knowledge.

I have been internationally active as a speaker, trainer and coach for more than 20 years and I have been able to assist companies such as Deutsche Lufthansa AG as well as individuals in personalized training. To my pleasure, I am also permitted to pass on my knowledge and skills as an independent tutor at Sprecherakademie Frankfurt.

Whether it’s in group training or personal coaching, let me know where you are headed and I will assist you on your way there.

Frequently asked questions

Which target group is being addressed here?

Basically, anyone that would like to refine their speech. Not only people in speaking occupations such as actors, trainers and coaches can profit from speech training. Because, not only are you then listened to, one enjoys listening to you!

How can I strengthen my voice?

A voice can be strengthened through specific breathing techniques and resonance exercises.

What do I need in order to train my voice?

All you need is a healthy speech instrument, air and the desire to take on new challenges.

Is there a difference between speaking before or with a microphone and speaking freely?

Yes, because in this case other speech techniques must be applied, not only related to the microphone but also in how to do the speaking. Using professional equipment, practice exercises and instructions I will easily introduce you to the subject matter.

Where and when does a training take place?

Of course I can come to your premises, to your training rooms. I also have rooms available for your use, from simple training rooms to recreation centers, depending on client wishes, goals and budget.

Do I have to be experienced in order to take part in a training?

No, you do not need to be experienced. Whether or not you already have a job that requires speaking or have little or no experience with professional speaking, it is never too late to learn. I will gladly assist you to activate your potential and to become successful with your voice.

Can children also be trained?

Of course! One is never too young or even too old for good enunciation. However, training is most effective with children 10 years of age or older.
Stage fright and the plain fear, that can arise when having to speak before fellow students and teachers is overcome through specialized training.

Because working with children requires a high level of sensitivity and care, an initial interview in conjunction with a “getting to know one another” is very important.

What does a training unit cost?

A training unit can be customized to suit your exact wishes and needs. It also depends on the condition of your voice, so pricing is variable.
Let us discuss this.

Naturally, an initial interview is free of charge.

What do I do when my voice gives out?

If the reasons are health related or a hoarseness due to incorrect use of the voice, silence is indeed the very first choice of action. There are, of course, household remedies and ways of keeping the voice moist and relaxing it, such as inhalation (without menthol please).

You will receive more valuable tips and tricks from me personally during training.