“Music brings people together, creates relationships and gives them meaning.”
(Daniel Barenboim)

That is precisely how I perceive the medium “language”.
Born in Germany to Peruvian parents, I discovered my passion for the German language, for language in general including its finely accented colorations early on in my life. Sometimes to the entertainment of my fellow students, often to the annoyance of the teachers.

My talent for languages was refined by Dr. Renate Berg with speech training and professional coaching. I enjoyed speech and acting training with Jochen Rühlmann. I completed training as a dubbing-actor with Oliver Grimm and Volker Gerth as well as at the Metz-Neun Synchron Studios.

Due to my work as a speaker and my international work as a trainer and coach, I am always working on fine tuning “my tool”, speech. The nice thing about that is that I can implement my artistic vein and my creativity without limits.
Equipped with my own sound studio, I can offer you recordings over night if it ever needs to be really quick. Of course a music taxi is available and IP ready is possible as well, so that nothing is in the way of a direct connection with stage directions. Loony things? Crazy stuff? Accents placed not only “with” but also “in” the language? Whether it’s Hispanic, Japanese, Hessian, Asian or another accent, I’m your man…and sometimes the woman. ;0)